Kronisk trötthetssyndrom blev resultat i vaccinexperiment

Ett norskt läkemedelsföretag drog igång ett massivt vaccinexperiment i slutet av 1980-talet för att prova ut ett nytt meningokockvaccin. Meningokocker kan orsaka hjärnhinneinflammation. I experimentet ingick 233 000 norska barn och ungdomar, av vilka 167 000 fick testvaccinet och resten placebo. Många värnpliktiga var försökskaniner utan ett ens veta om det.

Nu, cirka 20 år senare, har skandalen kommit upp i ljuset: flera hundra ungdomar drabbades av kronisk trötthetssyndrom (ME) och fick sina liv förstörda. De norska myndigheterna vägrar ta ansvar.

Text: Linda Karlström

Se även Vaccinationsskandal i Norge från 90-talet kom upp i ljuset långt senare


Hälsofrihet NHFsweden


  1. Hey, take it easy 😉

    ”No, the opinions in the paragraph are not my own. They are a summary of the documentary that you have not seen.”

    The way it’s currently worded it can be read as your words. (Bear in mind I have read this via Google translate, but the result looks straight-forward.) I was offering that point as an explanation for the confusion, not criticism.

    ”I find it kind of ridiculous that you are criticising me about a documentary that you haven´t even seen.”

    No offence but maybe you shouldn’t accuse me of something I haven’t done?

    I haven’t offered any comment on the documentary – I told you earlier I don’t speak Norwegian. What I have written was about Marina’s comment, asked if you have material to back the opening statements (bear in mind that they read as being your words) and pointed to a MOH page that addresses a Norwegian documentary with the same themes, which may or may not be the same one.

    • Good news for you since you are so interested in this topic! I found the whole story in english:

      In the 1980s, teenagers in Norway were asked to take part in a large meningococcal B vaccine trial. They were not told the truth about potential risks—and many paid a heavy price for it. Only 57% were protected from meningococcal disease, so it was not implemented. Many children suffered permanent severe neurological disease—a lifetime of disability. Ultimately, the disease, meningococcal B, faded away, as is typical of so many.

      The same experiment was repeated using a different, rapidly developed vaccine. They claimed that the Norway vaccine was safely tested, so that the New Zealand one was also safe for use in small children, even though it was not the same, was not effective, and was not safe.

      The result was exactly what you’d expect. The vaccine’s effectiveness was very limited. They increased the dose. Children are still getting the meningococcal disease and dying from it. Other children’s lives have been devasted by adverse effects.

      The typical obtuse response of denial was the standard response. Doctors who have seen children with severe neurological disorders that developed immediately after the vaccine literally say that the vaccine has no adverse effects. In one case, a girl whose life has been devasted is told that the injection caused the problem, not the vaccine!

    • Linda Karlström says

      All is okey – I guess we both suffered from confusion due to our different languages! I hope the comment from Marina can help you:)

      Take care!

  2. (Excuse me putting this at the bottom, but the ’Reply’ link for the individual comments seem to be gone.)

    Belated thought – if you mean that the opinions in the paragraph before the videos are not your own, perhaps you’d be better to edit it so that it explicitly says that they are the statements of others? Currently it reads as you saying those things.

    – Grant

    • Linda Karlström says

      No, the opinions in the paragraph are not my own. They are a summary of the documentary that you have not seen. I find it kind of ridiculous that you are criticising me about a documentary that you haven´t even seen. Maybe it would be an idea to take a look at it before you write anything more?

      But, we do agree on one thing though: It´s not the job of others to disprove a claim, it´s the job of whoever makes the claim to back it! You are SO right!


  3. Marina –

    You wrote: ”It is a mystery why anyone would endanger-over a million children with injection”

    The vaccine had passed phase II trials, i.e. safety had already been tested – it was the efficacy, how effective it would be, that was still not yet tested. (In informal terms, it was decided that given NZ was in the middle of many cases, it was better to act than not.)

    I would add that Mr Law isn’t the best for accurate information (I’m being very polite).

    Linda Karlström –

    I haven’t time to listen to the videos (and only know English). Could you provide peer-reviewed scientific papers backing your claim that there have been CFS cases associated with this vaccine?

    It’s not clear if the documentary you show is the same one, but New Zealand’s Ministry of Health responded many years ago to a documentary with similar claims to what you outline in your introduction:

    • Linda Karlström says

      Hello Grant,

      I am not the person that is claiming that there has been CFS cases associated with this vaccine. I was just reporting what is happening in Norway. I don´t have any scientific papers, but I haven’t looked in the library either. You are welcome to search yourself – and let us know if you find something interesting!

      • Your introduction says that the “several hundred young people affected by chronic fatigue syndrome (ME) and had their lives ruined. The Norwegian authorities refuse to take responsibility.”

        Isn’t asking that they “take responsibility” is empty-handed without evidence?

        Likewise, you say you are “just reporting what is happening in Norway”, but say you can offer no scientific backing of this. I would be left suspecting, then, that these claims are likely to ‘just’ be a continuation of similar claims made earlier that were previously found to be inconsistent with evidence (see link in my previous comment).

        No offence in this: it’s the job of whoever makes the claim to back it, e.g. to back “several hundred young people affected by chronic fatigue syndrome”. It’s not really the job of others to ‘disprove‘ it. (Also, as a practical matter, I’d be limited to English-language material.)


    • The things ”I” wrote came from the articles I recommended for the interested person to read. Here are some other interesting articles:

      There is widespread agreement that a variety of infections are capable of precipitating chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) in susceptible individuals. In l988, Lloyd et al reported that several of their patients had linked the onset of CFS to receiving a vaccination in the absence of any coincidental infection.l Since then, other anecdotal reports have also linked vaccinations to the onset of CFS.

      A new study in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has found that 1 in 100 secondary school students suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), CFS is a neurological disorder noted for extreme fatigue, muscle pain, severe headaches, memory problems, and immune system dysfunction. It’s a devastating disorder—and, like autism, did not exist until the advent of vaccinations. Its trajectory also correlates with the increased use of vaccinations.

      CFS is a provocation disease. That is, a range of co-factors–a virus, a viral and a bacterial infection, stress, surgery, vaccination, inherited allergies, toxic chemicals–can make a person susceptible to the virus that appears to cause CFS (See Laria, RM, Coxsackieviruses: A General Update, Plenum, 1988).

      Vaccines are themselves an onslaught on the immune system. After you are vaccinated, your immune system is otherwise engaged; and during this ”window of vulnerability” other infections (such as viral ones) can lead to CFS, a latent infection turns into acute attack or relapses from earlier infections can occur. We know, for instance, that cell-mediated immunity–that is, your immune system’s response in your cells–is depressed up to six weeks after measles vaccine (ASPI Data Sheet Compendium 199415).

      ”Chronic fatigue, chronic Lyme-like illness that is secondary to the anthrax vaccination in terms of reactivation of an underlying illness. The mechanisms of this are not well understood. My own impression is that this is not straight auto-immunity, but an activation of an underlying process. On that premise I have given him tetracycline to take 500 mg three times a day, 20 minutes before meals over the next three months. He had taken a short course of doxycycline from one physician back on August 18th for two weeks with markedly increased symptomatology. His throat got sore. His fatigue got worse and he was told to discontinue this. This is an example of the type of reactions that we see in patients with Lyme and Lyme-like diseases that probably reflect antibiotic associated increased symptomatology. I will follow the patient myself because of my own interest in chronic multi-symptom disorders along the way. He is currently disabled from this in terms of his fatigue and these mouth issues.” November 28, 2000, Dr. Donta, Professor, Infectious Disease, Boston University Medical Center.

      A role for the body burden of aluminium in vaccine-associated macrophagic myofasciitis and chronic fatigue syndrome

      The Common Immunogenic Etiology of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: From Infections to Vaccines via Adjuvants to the ASIA Syndrome”

      Infection, vaccination, and autoantibodies in chronic fatigue syndrome, cause or coincidence?

      Hannah Poling Autism-Vaccine Case: Implications for ME/CFS-labelled patients,%20Autism%20and%20ME%20CFS.pdf


      A team of scientists have investigated a case of vaccine-associated chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and macrophagic myofasciitis in an individual demonstrating aluminium overload.

  4. A vaccine against meningitis that was developed and subsequently abandoned in Norway, was revived and exported to New Zealand, where it was used on over a million kids in a highly experimental campaign, says a recent Norwegian TV report.

    ”To say it nice, they enlisted hundreds of thousands of small kids into a gigantic experiment.” – Jan Helge Solbakk, professor in medical ethics.

    It is a mystery why anyone would endanger over a million children with injection of an experimental vaccine and spend hundreds of millions of (NZ) dollars, when there is no epidemic in sight. Ron Law asks the questions…

    Varje vaccindos ska tydligen komma till användning oavsett konsekvenserna…

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