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  1. Trendanalytikern Gerald Celente om vaccin

  2. Mike Adams: The truth about Microsoft and the Bill Gates global vaccination agenda just keeps getting more bizarre by the day.

    Now we learn that back in 2009, Microsoft purchased a gene-targeting drug and vaccine development company from Merck, then entered into a collaboration agreement with Merck to develop genetically-targeted drug and vaccine technology.

    Remember, Bill Gates called GMOs ”high tech agriculture.” And he has openly and publicly admitted that he wants to use vaccines to engage in global depopulation.


    Read this story yourself, check out the links, watch the video and then see what you think:

  3. Jag behandlar framgångsrikt vaccinationsbiverkningar med homeopatiska medel! Ca 90 % av mina patienter – både human och djur – har problem som är relaterade till vaccinationer. Ring mig gärna!
    Helen Anebo, 070-22 44 028,

  4. Measles among vaccinated Quebec kids questioned
    October 20, 2011, Canadian Broadasting Corporation (Canada’s NPR)

    Measles cases have surged in parts of Canada and the United States this year, with cases among unvaccinated children and teens driving the high numbers. A still smoldering outbreak of measles in Quebec is the largest in the Americas in over a decade. An investigation into an outbreak in a high school in a town that was heavily hit by the virus found that about half of the cases were in teens who had received the recommended two doses of vaccine in childhood — in other words, teens whom authorities would have expected to have been protected from the measles virus. It’s generally assumed that the measles vaccine … should protect against measles infection about 99 per cent of the time. So the discovery that 52 of the 98 teens who caught measles were fully vaccinated came as a shock to the researchers who conducted the investigation. The discovery that as many of the cases were fully vaccinated as unvaccinated raises a serious question about whether the timing of the delivery of the first dose of measles vaccine is undermining the efficacy of the prevention program.

    Note: For key reports from reliable sources on the dangers and questionable science surrounding vaccines, click here.

  5. Bill Gates: Population Reduction Using Vaccinations

  6. You call this justice? After killing 14 babies in illegal vaccine trials in Argentina, the GlaxoSmithKline company was only fined a mere $90,000

    SaneVax has issued an HPV vaccine side effects warning letter. Do you know which side effects to watch out for in your own children? Read and share this important article:

  7. Här är en sida från Nya Zeeland som också är i antivaccinbranschen!

  8. Här är en intressant bamseartikel av DR Howenstine, som var publicerad i den tidskrift som heter UNCENSORED och som IanRCrane informerat om nyligen. Jag har provprenumererat på den och den är imponerande med sina artiklar om allt från medicin till banking och NWO. Jag hörde honom live i Göteborg för något år sedan och han är en lysande föreläsare som efter ett halvt lilv inom Oljebranschen och allt vad han sett där numera ägnar sig åt att informera om NWO maffians attack på jordens befolkning med GMO-grödor, vaccinkampanjer, kolonialkrig, statskupper och finanssvindlerier.

  9. Mike Adams: Here’s something altogether hilarious: Scientists now admit that non-stick cookware chemicals cause vaccines to fail. Why is that so funny? Because the very people who eat the chemically-contaminated food cooked on non-stick pans are the exact same people who go out and get routinely vaccinated! Gee, no wonder doctors are now pushing for double and triple vaccinations:

  10. 2 Million Oral Rabies Vaccines Dropped by Planes all over Texas

  11. Baby Dies After 9 Vaccines in One Day

    The end of last year was masked with sadness for Belgium parents Raphaël Sirjacobs & Béatrice Dupont, as their nine week old daughter Stacy Sirjacobs lost her fight for life. Stacy died just one week after her first vaccinations and left her twin sister Lesly behind. Devastated by their loss their parents are convinced that vaccines and hospital failures were the cause of their beautiful daughters death.

  12. Tarek dog på Drottning Silvias barnsjukhus i måndags – inte ens två år gammal.
    Nu polisanmäler föräldrarna läkarna.
    – Vi fick vänta i flera timmar utan att någon riktig undersökning gjordes, säger pappa Khodor Semmou.
    För tio dagar sedan vaccinerades Tarek Semmou, ett år och åtta månader gammal.

  13. VACCINATIONER -Theresia Henriksson
    FÖREDRAG Måndag 23 januari kl. 1845
    Med jämna mellanrum så ifrågasätts vacciner i media och i folkmun och det pågår en ständig kamp mellan läkemedelsförespråkare och alternativmedicinare i denna heta fråga. Kom och lyssna och ställ frågor under några timmar denna kväll till Theresia Henriksson som har ägnat 5 år till att informera sig om vacciner.
    Oavsett om du är förälder, djurägare eller allmänt intresserad för egen del så kommer kvällen innehålla matnyttig info för envar! Allt från vad man bör beakta vid valet av vacciner och vad man kan göra om man fått biverkningar efter vaccinering.

  14. CDC researchers say mothers should stop breastfeeding to boost ’efficacy’ of vaccines

    CDC researchers have entered the realm of total medical insanity by suggesting that women should stop breastfeeding their babies and put them on infant formula in order to ”boost the effectiveness” of vaccines!

    Remember when it was considered crazy talk to suggest that mainstream medicine viewed humanity as being born lacking in pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, as if these synthetic inputs are necessary miracle nutrients for proper human development? Well, researchers from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently showed that they adhere to this lunatic philosophy, having released a study that recommends women withhold breastfeeding their children in order to boost the ”effectiveness” of the rotavirus vaccine.

    Mike Adams

    Learn more:

  15. Non Voluntary Vaccinations of Akha Women
    Possibility of link to In-utero deaths among Akha women which are frequent in this region.

    This vaccination given twice to three times during pregnancy.
    Akha women in Thailand say that if they object they are told that they will not be given identity papers for their child when born.

  16. Vaccine warfare! Texas carpet-bombs 7,000 square miles with air-dropped rabies vaccines


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