Man Serving Life for Killing his Baby Daughter Could be Innocent!

Just a few years ago Tonya and Elwood Sadowsky believed that life could not get any better after Tonya gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Amanda. For the first time ever the couple were happier than they ever thought possible. Sadly, their happiness was cut short when aged just four months old Amanda died unexpectedly. Elwood was immediately arrested and charged for his daughter’s murder because he was caring for his daughter at the time she was taken ill.

Examining the timeline of this case an extremely important fact emerges. It is obvious to even the untrained eye that this baby suffered adverse reactions after each vaccination. Her first possible reaction was noted within 24 hours of the Hepatitis B vaccine which she received at birth. Tonya said:

When she got the Hep B, I wasn’t told. She was wheeled into my room SCREAMING her full head off, thrust into my arms with the comment, ”She’s upsetting the other (inmates) babies in the nursery”.

Each one of the vaccines this baby was given has a long history of adverse reactions. These adverse reactions include encephalitis, convulsions, uncontrollable screaming, exceptionally high temperatures, severe brain damage, and death. The common denominators linking all these vaccines are various chemicals and toxins known to be harmful to humans.


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  1. Man frågar sej varför föräldrarna tillät att Amanda fick flera vaccinationer när hon så tydligt visade att hon tog skada redan av den första vaccinationen. Mycket märkligt.

    • Dom fick väl höra från deras pondusfyllde läkare, hans gäng sjuksköterskor och medierna att vaccinet var helt ofarligt och att bara dåliga människor låter bli att vaccinera sig..


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